FFA Marine Lab

South Florida’s marine world is a jewel, but like the rest of Florida’s habitat, it’s under attack, by environmental degradation, overfishing and other manmade factors. Education is the best form of conservation, and it starts with our children. Sadly, many local children do not recognize or appreciate the value and opportunity the marine world offers in their own backyard. In fact, some kids, especially in our poorest communities, have never even been to the ocean, even though they live a few short miles away. Others believe they have to travel hours to the Florida Keys to get a taste of the fishing, boating, snorkeling and other spectacular opportunities available right here in South Florida. The FFA Marine Lab at Riviera Beach will bring that lesson home, where it belongs.

In this classroom-based program, our students will use microscopes to examine micro-organisms from live rock, test water samples and study tidal currents. Guided by Florida Fishing Academy instructors, they will dissect fish, squid or other marine life. They will examine the biological composition of a fish’s eyeballs, gills, scales, bones and vertebrae, which can be useful in identifying not only the species but also the age of a fish. They will explore the local marine habitat and study Florida’s oceans wonders. Each class will also receive a strong dose of instruction on character-building, family-bonding, leadership opportunities and other life lessons.

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Marine Lab Opportunity

This is your chance to give something back by empowering at-risk, disadvantaged and handicapped youth ages 8-18 with positive life skills, alternative life paths and a sense of shaping the world around them. The FFA uses fishing and other water sports as a vehicle for delivering these lessons while weaving effective environmental skills into engaging, educational curriculum. By providing a new start to our most vulnerable children, you demonstrate your commitment and gratitude to the entire community.

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